Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex disease impacting nearly every facet of daily life. When it occurs, it takes over a person’s mental and physical health, creating numerous challenges. The right addiction recovery resources can change that and provide a way forward for those who are ready for new opportunities. Our substance abuse treatment center in Cleveland, Ohio, is a good starting point. At Ethan Crossing of Cleveland, we offer insight and support to meet your needs. If you have questions about our rehab center, our rehab locations, or insurance information, reach out to us today.

addiction recovery resources clevelandDo You Need Addiction Treatment Resources?

If you are struggling with addiction right now, or you have a loved one who is, it’s time to seek out help. Even if you’re unsure, you have a true addiction, getting help now for consistent use of a drug may save your life. Our addiction recovery resources are available to many people, including those who:

  • Use drugs and alcohol daily or very often
  • Use drugs and alcohol to manage mental health disorders like depression and anxiety
  • Struggle with daily responsibilities because of their substance use disorder
  • Are facing complicated health problems due to substance use
  • Have relapsed or overdosed at some point in their history
  • Those who want to stop using these substances for good

Help for the Road to Recovery

Finding the best available addiction treatment resources starts with giving our team at Ethan Crossing of Cleveland a call. Our professionals can help you to find the right type and amount of support for your specific need. For some people, this means outpatient counseling. For others, it means spending a few weeks in detox.

Many times, our team can help you determine if your health insurance can apply to the care you receive in our drug rehab center. If you do not have health insurance, we’ll work with you to determine how to fund the care you need. Our addiction treatment resources are just a call away.

Recovery Resources – Program Options Available to You

When it comes to obtaining recovery help in Ohio, our team provides several types of treatment. You may benefit from one of these programs more so than others based on the length of your drug use, the type of drugs used, and other health risks you have. Some of the programs we offer include:

This includes both a men’s treatment and a women’s treatment program. This allows for gender-specific therapy and a more comfortable setting for many people. Our substance abuse treatment center is comprehensive enough to treat nearly any type of addiction or dependence from drugs or alcohol.

Mental Health and Drug Rehab

In addition to providing you with help overcoming addiction, our professionals are also available to help you with mental health treatment. Many people with addiction also struggle with mental health disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. By providing dual diagnosis treatment, we can help you overcome the challenges both of these conditions create, empowering you to live a healthy and happy life.

The addiction recovery resources you need, including individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy, are all based on innovative programs. Our clinicians have a high level of training and outstanding experience. Our treatment facility’s modern, non-hospital environment, along with cutting-edge resources, enables you to overcome addiction for good.

Invest in Treatment at Ethan Crossing of Cleveland

Finding the right help is critical. The addiction recovery resources you need to start on a path towards healing are available at Ethan Crossing of Cleveland. Our team of dedicated professionals coupled with our state-of-the-art treatment center makes lasting recovery possible. Learn more when you call us at 855.967.2436 or connect with our team online.