family participates in addiction therapy program

Setting Healthy Boundaries with Family During Addiction Treatment

No one knows you better than your family, and their support can be invaluable during addiction treatment. At Ethan Crossing of Cleveland, we encourage family engagement in our family therapy program because it helps families to understand and appreciate the treatment process of their loved ones better. In addition, they get acquainted with the dos…

man struggles with anger and signs of addiction

Addressing Anger During Addiction Recovery

Anger is as natural as any other type of human emotion. However, while it’s natural to feel angry sometimes, anger and addiction are like an inseparable pair. This is because individuals facing substance use disorders are prone to anger amidst other fierce emotions. This could have negative implications like loss of employment or severed relationships.…

woman struggles with cocaine withdrawal symptoms

What Does Cocaine Withdrawal Feel Like?

Cocaine affects the neurotransmitters in the brain, releasing high levels of dopamine, and that’s why it’s so addictive. Whenever cocaine is used, the brain and the body desire more of it. Dopamine is a brain chemical that influences moods, especially by controlling pleasure. An excess buildup of dopamine causes intense feelings of energy and alertness.…

woman uses prescription drugs

Most Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Many prescription drugs that are prescribed for legitimate medical reasons also have the potential for abuse. Medications that are used for medical purposes can produce severe adverse health effects. Some of these effects include addiction, dependence, overdose, and even death. Thankfully, early detection of prescription drug abuse and quick intervention can help fight the addiction.…

opioid pills represent addictive prescription drugs

What Are the Most Addictive Prescription Drugs?

While prescription drugs offer a wide array of benefits, many of them can become addictive. In such cases, it’s essential to find a prescription drug addiction treatment program to provide long-lasting and effective treatment options. If you find that you or your loved ones are becoming more dependent on a prescription drug, it’s advisable to seek…