man meets with therapist at substance abuse treatment centerIf you are struggling with addiction, it can feel like a cycle that is impossible to escape. Maybe you begin using drugs or alcohol in order to cope with mental health issues like anxiety or depression. Or you were prescribed a prescription pain reliever to help manage chronic pain resulting from an injury. No matter why you begin experiencing substance use issues, Ethan Crossing of Cleveland offers dual diagnosis treatment programs at our drug rehab center and alcohol rehab center that can help. We’ll give you the tools that you need to maintain sobriety long-term and make lasting changes in your life.

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Do You Need a Substance Abuse Treatment Program?

Especially for those who struggle with an addiction to alcohol or prescription medication, it can be difficult to realize that you need to reach out for help. Addiction is a chronic disease that is characterized by compulsive use of drugs or alcohol even in the face of negative consequences. For many, long-term recovery is only made possible through intensive therapy and support from treatment professionals.

Some of the signs that an individual would benefit from an addiction treatment program include:

  • Using the substance in more significant amounts or over a more extended period than intended
  • Struggling with a persistent desire to cut down or control substance use but failing
  • Spending a significant amount of time obtaining the substance, using it, or recovering from its effects
  • Experiencing cravings or strong desires to use the substance
  • Failing to fulfill commitments at work, home, or school due to using the substance
  • Experiencing social or interpersonal problems due to substance use
  • Giving up social, recreational, or occupational activities
  • Repeatedly using the substance in physically hazardous situations
  • Continuing to use the substance though it causes or makes persistent physical or psychological problems worse
  • Developing a tolerance for the substance, meaning that more is needed to feel the same effect
  • Entering withdrawal after going without the substance for an extended amount of time

If the above apply to you or a loved one, an addiction treatment program can be life-changing. At Ethan Crossing of Cleveland, our rehab programs can give you the tools you need for successful recovery.

What to Expect in Our Recovery Center

Your treatment specialists will determine what type of treatment you need based on your unique situation. In our substance abuse treatment center, we can help you develop the tools you need to maintain recovery. We offer drug and alcohol detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient programs. Our guests participate in both group therapy and individual therapy and can take part in holistic treatment options like yoga and meditation as well.

We offer the following treatment programs:

  • Opioid addiction treatment
  • Benzo addiction treatment
  • Stimulant addiction treatment
  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment
  • Meth addiction treatment

In addition, we provide targeted treatment programs for those who are struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. Many individuals who struggle with substance use issues also face anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other mental health conditions. By treating both conditions at the same time, we can help our guests avoid relapse in the future.

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