One of the most invaluable assets on the journey to recovery is a strong network of support. That’s why family therapy programEthan Crossing of Cleveland incorporates family therapy and engagement into our mental health therapy programs at our dual diagnosis treatment center.

Addiction can cause conflict between loved ones, can erode trust, and can damage even previously healthy relationships. Often, those who struggle with addiction try to hide their behaviors from loved ones. They might experience personality changes that can be concerning to family members. However, family therapy offers a chance for loved ones to work through these issues in a safe, supportive environment with the help of an experienced therapist.

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What to Expect in Family Therapy

Addiction is often referred to as a family disease. Substance use issues can impact every member of your family. If your loved one is struggling with addiction, you may have taken steps to try to get them to stop using drugs and alcohol. However, these attempts are not always successful, which can leave family members feeling hopeless. On the other hand, in an attempt to help a loved one that is struggling with addiction, family members might enable the destructive behavior instead.

Addiction can also cause conflict among family members. Strong emotions like anger and disappointment are not uncommon. In order to heal from the damage that addiction has caused, we recommend that our clients and their loved ones participate in family therapy sessions.

Family therapy provides a safe place for loved ones to work through conflicts that may be related to addiction. In addition, the loved ones of an individual struggling with addiction can learn how to support them in a healthy, non-enabling way.

During addiction therapy program sessions with a therapist, family members will discuss challenges they have faced in the past and how they can approach obstacles or conflicts in the future. The therapist might ask questions or guide the conversation, but these sessions are an opportunity for family members to share how they’ve been impacted by addiction and how they want to see their relationships grow.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Why do we offer family therapy? Family therapy programs offer a wide variety of benefits. They can help family members support their loved ones without enabling destructive behaviors. They can also promote effective communication skills. Other advantages to family involvement in substance abuse treatment programs include:

  • Helping to hold each family member accountable for their actions
  • Discovering and discontinuing behaviors that trigger self-medication
  • Bringing structure to the family unit
  • Changing destructive family patterns
  • Providing a safe, neutral place for communication to happen

Family therapy is just one tool that we use in our treatment programs. Family therapy complements individual and group therapy sessions. We also offer anxiety treatment and depression treatment. Therapy can help our clients become the healthiest versions of themselves and can promote long-term recovery.

At Ethan Crossing of Cleveland, we’ll help your whole family heal from the effects of addiction. Lasting recovery is possible–begin the process today.

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