womens rehab center cleveland ohioWomen who are working to overcome substance use disorders deserve specialized treatment in a safe, supportive environment. Our women’s treatment program offers a number of unique advantages over co-ed options. At Ethan Crossing of Cleveland, we offer a residential treatment program that provides targeted therapies, consistent support, and a safe space for women to recover.

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Advantages of Our Women’s Rehab Programs

Men and women have different needs when it comes to recovery. If you’re looking into addiction treatment programs, consider a recovery center that offers specialized treatment for men and women. In our single-gender program, you’ll experience a variety of benefits.

A Safe, Supportive Environment

Addiction can be isolating. However, in group therapy sessions, you’ll meet other women who have been through similar experiences. Their encouragement and perspective can help you on your own recovery journey at our drug rehab center or alcohol rehab center.

Whether you participate in a residential treatment program or outpatient care, you’ll receive a high level of support at Ethan Crossing. Our goal is to help our guests make lasting changes in their lives by working through the underlying causes of addiction. We’ll help you develop the healthy coping skills you need to maintain sobriety long-term.

Trauma-Informed Care

Many women who struggle with substance abuse have experienced trauma in the past. Our approach to treatment takes this into account. We provide women-only groups where you can feel comfortable opening up about issues like abuse or assault. Our therapists and addiction treatment specialists have experience in helping our guests work through trauma. Individual therapy can also be a safe space to work through deeply personal issues.

Personalized Treatment

Addiction treatment should not be one-size-fits-all. We create individualized treatment plans for every individual in our care. Many of our guests struggle with both substance use disorders and mental health issues, and we take this into account when designing treatment programs. If you need to go through detox, we offer medical support and counseling so that you can begin recovery with a strong foundation.

No matter where you are on your journey to recovery, can help.

What to Expect in Our Women’s Recovery Center

Our substance abuse treatment programs are designed to help our guests develop the tools they need for lifelong recovery.

We use a variety of approaches and therapies to help the women in our care heal. Our full continuum of care includes detox, residential treatment, outpatient care, and aftercare. This gives our guests the time and the support they need to understand how addiction has impacted their lives and how they can maintain sobriety long-term.

We also offer a number of therapies in our women’s rehab center, including:

  • Individual therapy – Work through personal issues one-on-one with an experienced therapist
  • Group therapy – Build a network of support with other women in recovery
  • Family therapy – Find new ways to navigate conflict and communicate more effectively
  • Anxiety and depression treatment – Learn to manage the symptoms of mental health issues without turning to drugs and alcohol

In our center, we also offer a range of amenities to promote healing. A fitness center, game room, lounge area, and comfortable treatment rooms can help you focus on your recovery away from the stresses of everyday life.

Begin Your Journey to Recovery at Ethan Crossing of Cleveland

Ethan Crossing of Cleveland provides caring, compassionate, and comprehensive women’s rehab programs to meet your unique needs. In addition to our women’s programs, we offer

Reach out to us online or call us today at 855.967.2436 to learn about our recovery programs. We’ll help you heal, grow, and rebuild your life.