A person struggling with a mental health disorder and substance use disorder may have a condition called co-occurring disorders. It’s possible to overcome both conditions within a co-occurring rehab program. By focusing on both conditions at the same time, mental health treatment programs can provide resources, tools, and medications in some cases to help a person to enter recovery. At Ethan Crossing of Cleveland, our team is ready to help you embrace this type of mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment.

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

co-occurring rehab program cleveland ohioA co-occurring rehab program is beneficial when a person has a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder and also has a substance use disorder. They may need a depression treatment program or an anxiety treatment program. Signs of this include:

  • Using medications or drugs to deal with stress
  • Being unable to stop using substances without feeling intense emotions
  • Needing to use drugs or alcohol every day to “get through it”
  • Experiencing times of unexplained intense anxiety
  • Feeling pain, agitation, insomnia, or other physical signs of withdrawal when not using

In these situations, it’s best to turn to a comprehensive treatment location that can offer a co-occurring rehab program to address both conditions at the same time. In addition to mental health treatment, we offer substance abuse treatment programs including a drug rehab center and an alcohol rehab center.

What Happens in Co-Occurring Treatment?

Once a person receives an assessment and diagnosis of co-occurring disorders, treatment centers like Ethan Crossing work to create a treatment plan for that individual. That may include treatment programs such as:

Many people with dependence are unable to stop using on their own. For that reason, they need to utilize a detox program. With the help of medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings, it is possible to break that dependence. For many people, this is the starting point.

Co-Occurring Rehab for Mental Health Issues

While detox is important for the substance abuse component, treatment for mental health disorders is also necessary. For some, this may require the use of medications to balance symptoms and correct any chemical imbalances present causing those symptoms. This can take some time, as everyone reacts to medications in a slightly different way. The ideal dosing and medication used take some time, which is why residential treatment programs are so important early on. They allow for medications to be altered quickly to optimize results.

Mental Health Counseling

In this type of mental health or addiction therapy program, individuals also need individual psychotherapy or talk therapy. This is an opportunity to talk with a counselor about what is happening and find out why. It is also a way to learn new strategies for dealing with the symptoms you have.

This type of counseling is done in various ways. Individual therapy allows a person to work with their counselor during one-on-one treatment sessions. This is a good time to get to the cause of the addiction and mental health disorder if possible. Family therapy can also be helpful in that it enables people to work together to control symptoms and minimize triggers.

Group therapy is another component of care. The focus here is on ensuring a person is able to get insight and support through peer interactions. You may be more willing to open up and work on what is happening with you when you see other people are facing the same challenges you are.

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