therapy group meets at life skills training programLife skills are a group of psychosocial aptitudes and interpersonal skills. These skills facilitate critical thinking, building healthy relationships, empathy, and communication skills to manage our lives healthily and productively. Many addiction treatment centers often have co-occurring rehab programs that offer life skills programs to help individuals suffering from addiction and mental health concerns.

At Ethan Crossing of Cleveland, our rehab program doesn’t just help our clients to recover from addiction. Alongside our addiction therapy programs, we provide each individual with several essential skills like culinary skills, occupational skills, social skills, and more. Contact us today by filling out our secure online form or call us at 855.967.2436 to learn more.

Why Is Life Skills Therapy Important?

Life skills therapy teaches a person in recovery how to be self-sufficient and live independently. It teaches essential and everyday skills such as:

  • Cooking for yourself
  • Cleaning your home
  • Daily exercise routine
  • Planning a healthy diet
  • Finding and succeeding at a job
  • Proper behavior in different relationships
  • Mastering interpersonal skills and communication techniques

The life skills we teach to different individuals differ based on their needs and the part of their lives that addiction has affected most. For some, it might be their eating habits that have led to malnutrition. However, for others, it might be the ability to relate well with others or keep their jobs. A person may not need to relearn a part of their life that they haven’t neglected during addiction, but brushing up on these skills can be helpful for their transition to recovery.

By learning new skills and committing to improving existing ones, a life skills program helps you to transition into life after recovery easily. This program makes aftercare much easier for clients, doctors, and caregivers. The absence of the basic life skills an individual needs to live a healthier life can cause stress and increase the risk of relapse.

Skills We Teach at Our Life Skills Program

If you’re looking for the best life skills therapy near Euclid, then Ethan Crossing of Cleveland is your go-to place. We have a robust curriculum that provides you with all the necessary skills for a complete and effective recovery. Each training session arms you with useful tools for your daily after-recovery life. Our well-trained professionals who can boast of years of experience in the subject matter will teach these lessons. We teach a range of essential coping skills.

Coping Mechanisms

Potential relapse is one of the most significant risks to your recovery, and even the most successful people can relapse in an instant. Therefore, a coping mechanism is an armor that helps you combat the possibilities of a relapse. Life skills therapy at Ethan Crossing of Cleveland will equip you with coping mechanisms that allow you to handle temptations, stress, and other relapse triggers that might come your way. Some of these coping mechanisms include but aren’t limited to:

  • Journaling
  • Practicing honesty
  • Identifying triggers
  • Learning how to avoid high-risk situations

We can also teach clients to find sober ways to relieve stress and release tension.

Household Responsibilities

Belonging to a household is one of the greatest blessings of humankind, but it can quickly become an arduous task without necessary preparedness, especially during early recovery. Our life skills therapy teaches you the importance of an organized life and home. You can then get to learn new things you weren’t doing in the household before, such as laundry and cooking.

Communication Techniques

Just like the possibility of neglecting household responsibilities, it is possible to have isolated yourself from family, friends, and loved ones during active addiction. Getting back to the way it used to be might be a little tricky. Our life skills therapy connects you with professionals who can help you learn practical communication skills.

Get Help at Ethan Crossing of Cleveland

You can get all the help you need for yourself or your loved ones at our one-of-a-kind life skills program in Cleveland. We offer a complete continuum of care from detox to aftercare. We tailor our programs and services to address each client’s specific needs. To that end, we’ll work with you to develop a plan that perfectly suits you. Programs and services at Ethan Crossing of Cleveland include:

  • Detox programs
  • Men’s rehab
  • Women’s rehab
  • Residential treatment program
  • Partial hospitalization program

We also offer incredible individual, group, and family therapies. Contact us online or call us at 855.967.2436 to learn more today.