support group meets at benzo detox centerBenzodiazepines or benzos are medications doctors commonly prescribe to treat anxiety, panic disorder, and seizures. Unfortunately, it also happens to be highly addictive. Withdrawal symptoms often develop when someone used to high doses of benzos or who had been taking them for a long time decides to quit. Since these symptoms can be uncomfortable or even painful, many individuals would rather keep using benzos than go through the detox process.

Overcoming any addiction is difficult. However, if you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to benzos, you can find help at Ethan Crossing of Cleveland. We have designed our benzo detox center to provide exceptional support and guidance as you work through your dependency and tolerance. Learn more by contacting our Ohio drug detox center online or by calling us at 855.967.2436.

Why You Need a Benzo Detox Program

Although a doctor prescribes benzodiazepines, you might have difficulty determining if you are developing benzo dependence or tolerance when you begin to use them. Drugs such as Xanax, Klonopin, Onfi, Tranxene are addictive, even if you use them as your doctor prescribes. These drugs can likely cause addiction, leading your body and brain to become reliant on them. People who use them outside of their prescriptions will also find that these drugs can be dangerous. Many of these drugs can lead to an overdose. Some symptoms of benzodiazepine addiction include:

  • Needing to use more benzodiazepines than your doctor has prescribed
  • Running out of the medication before your refill is due
  • Being secretive about how much of the medication you are using
  • Combining the medication with other substances, such as drugs or alcohol
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using benzos
  • Physical weakness
  • Blurred vision, drowsiness, or confusion
  • Increased anxiety or insomnia

It’s challenging to stop using benzos on your own, but you can get help. If you are using benzos and any of the above apply to you, reach out to our benzo detox center to begin your journey to recovery today. At Ethan Crossing of Cleveland, you will receive the innovative treatment options you need. We can help you turn the page on your addiction.

Treatment Options Available at Ethan Crossing of Cleveland

At Ethan Crossing of Cleveland, our goal is to help our clients develop the skills they need for long-term sobriety. We offer a complete set of services to help men and women struggling with benzo addiction. At our benzo addiction treatment program, our team will work hand-in-hand with you to help you learn about your addiction and how you can take control of your life.

We provide innovative therapies to fit your specific needs and goals. Our therapies include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Trauma therapy programs
  • 12-step therapy programs
  • Men’s rehab program
  • Women’s rehab program

Our team members will be at your side throughout treatment, encouraging you to maintain your sobriety and helping you to rebuild your life.

What Happens After Benzos Detox?

After you complete detoxification, we recommend our residential treatment program. We’ve designed our program to give you a comfortable, beautiful location to spend time working on your recovery away from the stress of everyday life. For instance, you can participate in both individual and group therapy during and after your detox. Our counseling starts immediately and offers insight, guidance, and support. Once you decide to take back your life, you can overcome your addiction through our benzo detox center.

Contact Ethan Crossing of Cleveland to Learn More

You can change your life at our benzo detox center. We’re committed to helping our clients rebuild their lives and find healthier, happier futures. If you’re ready to overcome benzo addiction, our team can help you get the care you need. When you contact us, you can verify your insurance, learn more about our treatment programs, and schedule a time to begin treatment. Contact us today at 855.967.2436 to begin the admissions process and receive the necessary support to transform your life.